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AutoCAD Services
AutoCAD Services, As Installed Drawings, Custom Drawings
AutoCAD Services are a large part of what Galligan Engineering Solutions provide to our clients.
We are one of only a handful of companies that provide AutoCAD Services in Ireland that is on contracted bases. Galligan Engineering Solutions have provided these AutoCAD services to our clients for a number of years.
AutoCAD Services provided by Galligan Engineering Solutions;
  • As Installed Drawings
  • Drawing Co-ordination
  • Builders Drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • Design & Build Drawings
  • Custom Drawings
  • Drawing Surveys
AutoCAD Services, As Installed Drawings
AutoCAD Services, As Installed Drawings
We provide professional As Installed drawings for many of our clients as part of our Operation and Maintenance Manual Service.

We have provided As Installed Drawings for clients based in the Electrical, Mechanical and Building Construction Sectors.

Our Drawings are of the Highest quality and come with a professional finish.
Drawing Co-ordination
Drawing Co-ordination
We can oversee Drawing Co-ordination between Services on you project. Galligan Engineering will conduct site visits and meet with the various contractors on the Project to ensure accurate drawings are produced to prevent unnecessary delays and costs on the project.